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About us


AVA Cosmetic Laboratory® has irreplaceable 50 years of practical  experience in  manufacturing beauty products. AVA’s remarkable cosmetics that have proven their effectiveness  in thousands of cases and an exceptional knowledge of woman’s beauty concerns. All of these have built the foundations of AVA’s success and position.


As a first polish cosmetic company created a superb natural and organic products – ECO LINEA® line certified by Ecocert France – Europe’s best known certification body for natural and organic products, operating in more than 80 countries worldwide. The ECO LINEA® products bear a quality mark “controlled natural and organic cosmetics” which means that each of preparation meets the highest quality requirements and is manufactured in conformity with ECOCERT requirements.


AVA® Laboratories has always favored  ingredients of natural origin and used the highest quality extracts in their most effective concentration for optimum beauty results. All the formulas are laboratory tested for allergy and irritation and are subject to strict research to evaluate their efficiency. They are prepared  in order to keep woman’s skin protected, beautiful and healthy.  


AVA® offers the best products at accessible prices.